When The Full-Time Commute is Over—Now What? An Open Conversation with Myself—Part 3 (Revised) — It Sure Can Be Quiet — by Steve Harding

Nothing rings. Nothing buzzes. No business calls. No business related e-mails. No invitations to speak. There are no texts, no tweets, no nothing.  Well, that's not totally true.  You do have to count the ones from family, a few friends, a core of faculty compadres and the occasional former student. Still, it is silent. My... Continue Reading →

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Beyond Technocracy — Civics, Culture and Public Service, by Stephen G. Harding (PA Times)

  "in the early 1990’s the image of the faceless governmental bureaucrat, top-down, regulatory minded,  'Administrative Man' was hypothetically replaced. Enter the champion of the New Public Management, the market driven “Economic Man. He is Reinventing Government---" "An expanded educational approach to civics and cultural literacy may serve to combat this narrow approach to governance. ... Continue Reading →

MPP & MPA Programs in California–Can Good City Management be Taught? by Ken Pulskamp & Wade McKinney (Western City Magazine, April 2015)

"There is an innate challenge in teaching something as complex as city management. It’s not just public finance and organizational behavior, not by a long shot. It’s a delicate balance of practical skills, political savvy, on the job experience, and service. Here in California, we are fortunate to have a plethora of top tier institutions... Continue Reading →

State and Local Government Review–A journal of research and viewpoints on state, local, and intergovernmental issues

As a newly appointed member of the Editorial Board, I am pleased to share with my academic and practitioner friends and colleagues, the link to the State and Local Government Review.  It serves as the official journal of the Section on Intergovernmental Administration and Management (SIAM) of the American Society for Public Administration.  Veteran members... Continue Reading →

The Milennial Generation–Is There a Challenge to Civic Engagement?, by Stephen Harding, PA Times, June 2016

This quarter I am teaching a graduate course in Public Management and Leadership. Part of last night's class focused on generational differences. Both Frances Kunreuther's essay: "The Changing of the Guard--What Generational Differences Tell Us About Social-Change Organizations," and a David Brooks video: "Humility in the Time of Me," served to generate an interesting discussion... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump Just Asked Congress to End the Rule of Law– This should be the biggest headline of the speech. By YASCHA MOUNK for Slate

"But Trump’s speech was also deeply dangerous for an even more important reason: Under the cover of his soothing rhetoric about unity and bipartisanship, Trump called on Congress to give him unprecedented and unquestionably antidemocratic powers:"  Yascha Mounk https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/01/donald-trump-just-asked-congress-to-end-the-rule-of-law.html This is a clear attempt to validate a return to political patronage. What's worse, it beckons... Continue Reading →


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