When I Wore a Tie

For nearly 38 years it was a part of the uniform, a tie with a single Windsor knot. Usually blended with an Oxford pinpoint, the combination served as a subtle offset to one of the Hickey Freemans hanging in the closet. Mixing and matching was a daily ritual, including sliding into a black or brown... Continue Reading →

Running In Lanes (Revised)

It Was All Over In Seconds by Stephen G. Harding I would suspect sometime in early pubescence, we each stepped onto a track to answer a single question: How fast am I? Whether motivated by curiosity or the insistence of some adult, we 6th, 7th, and 8th graders were about to be put to the test.  Herded to... Continue Reading →

It’s Osher Time Again–

The 2020 Fall Quarter is right around the corner. Time to brush up on your computer and Zoom skills. The catalog for UC Riverside Extension's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) is now available. For those of you mature learners, age 50+, here's your opportunity to break out of that stay at home routine and learn... Continue Reading →

On the Strip in ’68–

1968--Looking back it was a snapshot in time, a bygone era that you would only really know if you had experienced it yourself. Summer had come. It was after my freshman year in college. I had gone right back to my old ways, hanging on the Strip, being exposed to a whole lot more than... Continue Reading →

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