On the Strip in ’68–

1968--Looking back it was a snapshot in time, a bygone era that you would only really know if you had experienced it yourself. Summer had come. It was after my freshman year in college. I had gone right back to my old ways, hanging on the Strip, being exposed to a whole lot more than... Continue Reading →

Looking Back

The Summer of Love It was some two years after. Back then, no one knew about the great getaway, my first solo long-distance road trip. I had convinced myself it was about the music, driving up to the Monterey Pop Festival and all. It was the music, but much more. I was on my own.... Continue Reading →

So Let Us Begin Anew-

Franklin D. Roosevelt In a world of accerlations, the contemporary focus for those pursuing careers in the public service has prioritized short-term processes over durable public policy. The bigger, more complex questions, let alone the solutions, are usually put off to another day. Now in my post work phase of life, this period provides the... Continue Reading →

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