Citizen University’s Civic Saturdays–

"Civic Saturday is a civic analogue to a faith gathering: a gathering of friends and strangers in a common place to nurture a spirit of shared purpose. But it’s not about church religion or synagogue or mosque religion. It’s about American civic religion—the creed of liberty, equality, and self-government that truly unites us. At Civic... Continue Reading →

Represent Us– Our political system is broken, or so says Represent.Us. Regardless of the source, this thesis certainly needs our attention. On the surface, the organization offers food for thought for those concerned about the apparent dysfunction of our political process and methods of governance. Though well intentioned, it does makes an overly generalized statement concerning... Continue Reading →

Our Culture of Contempt–by Arthur C. Brooks This is a must read. Arthur Brook's focus on contempt does seem to capture the mood of the nation although I would posit, with all due respect to the Civil War, this is not the most polarizing period of American history. It may just be quibbling but the Reconstruction Period, the occupation of southern States... Continue Reading →

Restore Civility to Save America— Cynicism Is Threatening the Stability of Our Country–by Earl Mathers, for the International City/County Management Association, October 2017

"This crisis of incivility has become a chronic condition of public life. Consequently, incivility is compromising the success of American society and especially the viability of the government. We should not, however, assign the blame exclusively to our leaders. As a people, Americans have become highly desensitized to behaviors that would have been outrageous not... Continue Reading →

A Republic If You Can Keep It–by Richard T. Moore (For the ASPA PA Times)

  "An especially noteworthy conclusion of the (Brown) report is that “strengthening the social studies teaching workforce is particularly important at a time when many Americans are wondering about their country’s civic and political well-being – and are wondering about what schools could do to help.” ASPA members—both academic and practitioners—have a vested interest in... Continue Reading →

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