Getting Serious About Practitioners in The Classroom–By Stephen G. Harding (January 25, 2019 Issue of PA Times Fifteen Years an Adjunct To be clear, I was not a day-to-day freeway-flying adjunct lecturer searching for the on ramp to the tenure track. That lane was reserved for those freshly minted Ph.D.’s pursuing membership in the academy. I was another kind of adjunct, one wearing the moniker practitioner instructor. It required wearing a... Continue Reading →

The Advent of the Street Level Bureaucrat in the Classroom — New Challenges for Graduate Urban Management Education– by Stephen G. Harding

"Labor agreements, archaic management practices and outdated human resource class and comp requirements set the stage for this wave of new, somewhat reluctant, graduate students. Beyond their own job performance, they have to demonstrate more. Even for long term-seasoned professionals, no new credential means no promotion and no pay raise. They’ve hit the career and... Continue Reading →

Beyond Technocracy — Civics, Culture and Public Service, by Stephen G. Harding (PA Times)

  "in the early 1990’s the image of the faceless governmental bureaucrat, top-down, regulatory minded,  'Administrative Man' was hypothetically replaced. Enter the champion of the New Public Management, the market driven “Economic Man. He is Reinventing Government---" "An expanded educational approach to civics and cultural literacy may serve to combat this narrow approach to governance. ... Continue Reading →

The Milennial Generation–Is There a Challenge to Civic Engagement?, by Stephen Harding, PA Times, June 2016

This quarter I am teaching a graduate course in Public Management and Leadership. Part of last night's class focused on generational differences. Both Frances Kunreuther's essay: "The Changing of the Guard--What Generational Differences Tell Us About Social-Change Organizations," and a David Brooks video: "Humility in the Time of Me," served to generate an interesting discussion... Continue Reading →

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