Setting Boundaries For Success–(Move This World)

In the early 80's an old friend, Adolfo Cruz, implemented his advocation as a magazine publisher and author.  His magazine was dubbed--"That Balance."  It was clearly meant to be a reflective source for those trying to find the balance between their professional, personal, physical and spiritual selfs.  His reflection on life certainly underlined what is... Continue Reading →

Working in the 21st Century-Moving From Generational Differences to Generational Commonalities, by Stephen G. Harding, PA Times

L. Frank Baum’s children’s book metaphorically depicts how the colorized rules and customs of the Wonderful World of Oz seem incongruous, yet at the same time analogous, to the black and white world of Auntie Em. One could make the same comparison to today’s workforce. From the Millennials, Generation X and the Baby Boomers, to... Continue Reading →

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