The Milennial Generation–Is There a Challenge to Civic Engagement?, by Stephen Harding, PA Times, June 2016

This quarter I am teaching a graduate course in Public Management and Leadership. Part of last night's class focused on generational differences. Both Frances Kunreuther's essay: "The Changing of the Guard--What Generational Differences Tell Us About Social-Change Organizations," and a David Brooks video: "Humility in the Time of Me," served to generate an interesting discussion... Continue Reading →

Bureaucracy and the Challenge to Participatory Local Governance, by Stephen G. Harding, PA Times

"In the end, bureaucracies need to concede a level of power and authority in order to facilitate constructive public discourse and participation. Our agencies must prioritize civic discourse as it does efficiency and performance. Our democratic system of governance requires it." The public needs to be a part of public administration. Beyond meeting statutory requirements... Continue Reading →

The “Notes” are Coming!!

Notes to Self—A Belated Collection of Professional Insights  I really wish I had kept a journal. Not a day-to-day personal diary mind you, but a record of memorable professional and academic experiences over a 40-year career. You know, notes. What were the ups? What were the downs? What did I do right? What could I... Continue Reading →

What’s a Bureaucrat To Do? by Stephen G. Harding

It’s no surprise that the governed are not happy with their government. Yet it would be naïve for state and local officials to think this attitude ends at the federal level. Governmental agencies are pressed to meet the conflicting expectations of elected officials and competing interests of a socio-economic diverse society. Bureaucracy’s overly narrow focus... Continue Reading →

Working in the 21st Century-Moving From Generational Differences to Generational Commonalities, by Stephen G. Harding, PA Times

L. Frank Baum’s children’s book metaphorically depicts how the colorized rules and customs of the Wonderful World of Oz seem incongruous, yet at the same time analogous, to the black and white world of Auntie Em. One could make the same comparison to today’s workforce. From the Millennials, Generation X and the Baby Boomers, to... Continue Reading →

Does Organizational Image Matter?–by Eunju Rho, The University of Akron, Tasek Yun, The University of Georgia, Kanbok Lee, Auburn University, Commentary Response by Stephen G. Harding, Northwestern University

"Organizations need to reaffirm their civic purpose. Organizations that create public value and provide effective public service that makes a difference will attract and retain the next generation of public servants. Governmental organizations in particular need to go beyond their focus on managerial mechanics, process, costs, and efficiency. In simple terms, organizations must balance product... Continue Reading →

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