TO RESTORE DEMOCRACY, OUR UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES SHOULD TEACH IT– by TAYLOR REVELEY IV–President of Longwood University in Virginia. (Published 12-28-17, Newsweek)

"Democracy – not economic development, not career preparation, or self-actualization – must stand foremost again as the animating purpose of college." W. Taylor Reveley IV,  President of Longwood University in Virginia. This is one of my mantras. Civic ignorance in this country is appalling. There are institutional reasons for this but there are other reasons... Continue Reading →

Decline of civics education in schools hurts good government By CHRISTOPHER DALE Tribune News Service Dec 24, 2017

"A recent survey by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania found that only one in four Americans can name all three branches of government. One in three can’t name any."---

When The Full-Time Commute is Over—Now What? An Open Conversation with Myself—Part 3 — It Sure Can Be Quiet — by Steve Harding

Nothing rings. Nothing buzzes, unless you count the guy that comes to the door selling solar panels. No business calls. No business related e-mails. No invitations to speak. There are no texts, no tweets, no nothing, unless you count the ones from family and a few friends. It is silent. My god people, you're gone... Continue Reading →

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