Without federal aid, many state and local governments could make the same budget cuts that hampered the last economic recovery

by David Cooper for the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) "Unfortunately, facing massive projected losses in revenue as the coronavirus has forced them to lock down their economies, many state and local governments are already cutting critical services and laying off staff. The April jobs report showed that nearly 981,000 state and local public-sector jobs have already been lost.... Continue Reading →

This is a Necessary Read–

The Need for Direct Assistance to Local Governments in Response to the Coronavirus---By Alan Cohen and Michael Madowitz, Center for American Progress Take the Time To Read the Full Analysis! "Budgeting by localities for the upcoming fiscal year will be taking place during the next six weeks. Without federal aid now, local governments will be... Continue Reading →

CALED Honors “40 at 40”

Time flies when you're having fun--I was Chairman of this 800 member professional membership organization 30 years ago. A lot of good people doing really good things. I snuck in thinking no one would notice. CALED’s 40 years of economic development leadership is inextricably linked to and made possible by the contributions of many individuals... Continue Reading →


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