The future is now: Closing the skills gap in Europe’s public sector–McKinsey & Company

By David Chinn, Solveigh Hieronimus, Julian Kirchherr, and Julia Klier "Furthermore, the public sector will also need to substantially increase its efforts to build digital citizenship skills. On average, 3.2 million public-sector employees across the EU-28 will lack at least one of the six digital citizenship skills by 2023. In the coming years, certain classical skills like... Continue Reading →

The skills you need for the government jobs of tomorrow: 100 places to learn for free–A Great Compendium Provided by All of the skill sets highlighted by are invaluable. However, I would add an additional emphasis, a greater knowledge in civics. Even with the focus on techniques and  technologies at the very center of public engagement, there still needs to be an intrinsic understanding of the relationship between government and the governed.... Continue Reading →

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