Decline of civics education in schools hurts good government By CHRISTOPHER DALE Tribune News Service Dec 24, 2017

"A recent survey by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania found that only one in four Americans can name all three branches of government. One in three can’t name any."--- Names Northwestern University’s Master of Public Policy & Administration On-Line Program Number 1 in the Nation

  Since 2011, I've been both an on-line and in-class Instructor in the Global Policy and Public Administration concentrations in Northwestern University's Master of Pubic Policy & Administration program. As the ranking suggests, the quality of the curriculum, the students, and the dedication to provide the best educational experience available is second to none. It... Continue Reading →

Another Opportunity to Guest Lecture by Stephen G. Harding, Committee Chair on the Third Edition—Managers as Teachers: A Practitioners Guide to Teaching Public Administration. This Thursday will mark my fourteenth time wearing the guest lecturer’s hat. These are always fun to do. In years past, the requests were predicated on my technical expertise. I was asked to lecture about some topical specialization. It could be related to real estate development, fiscal impact, public financing mechanisms, or the latest... Continue Reading →

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