Civics lessons: Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Neil Gorsuch on promoting education in citizenship–CBS Sunday Morning

  One of my central mantras. Many in the K-12 system and undergraduate programs think they are addressing civics adequately--THEY ARE NOT. Too often the system is geared towards meeting the short-term political needs of state capitols or employing teachers that are more interested in espousing their own political beliefs rather than providing the learning... Continue Reading →

A Republic If You Can Keep It–by Richard T. Moore (For the ASPA PA Times)

  "An especially noteworthy conclusion of the (Brown) report is that “strengthening the social studies teaching workforce is particularly important at a time when many Americans are wondering about their country’s civic and political well-being – and are wondering about what schools could do to help.” ASPA members—both academic and practitioners—have a vested interest in... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two States–Economic Policy Institute

As Wisconsin’s and Minnesota’s lawmakers took divergent paths, so did their economies--Since 2010, Minnesota’s economy has performed far better for working families than Wisconsin’s   "Since the 2010 election of Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin and Governor Mark Dayton in Minnesota, lawmakers in these two neighboring states have enacted vastly different policy agendas. Governor Walker... Continue Reading →

Can ‘Localism” Restore Sanity to U.S. Politics?–by Gracy Olmstead–Op-Ed Contributor, New York Times

"This is localism, a bottom-up, practically oriented way of looking at today’s biggest policy dilemmas. Instead of always or only seeking to fix municipal issues through national policy, localism suggests that communities can and should find solutions to their own particular problems, within their own particular contexts." Gracy Olmstead        ... Continue Reading →

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