So Let Us Begin Anew-

Franklin D. Roosevelt In a world of accerlations, the contemporary focus for those pursuing careers in the public service has prioritized short-term processes over durable public policy. The bigger, more complex questions, let alone the solutions, are usually put off to another day. Now in my post work phase of life, this period provides the... Continue Reading →

Abolish the Business Major–Anti-intellectual degree programs have no place in college.

By Johann N. Neemby--(Published in the Chronicle of Higher Education) "The evidence suggests there is no reason to believe majoring in the liberal arts and sciences will have a negative impact on earning potential. Indeed, majoring in the arts and sciences may actually improve graduates’ prospects. According to an AAC&U study, employers overwhelmingly desire college students... Continue Reading →

Analysis–Hybrids Make Better Use of Scarce Batteries Than Pure EV’s

Given the urgency of the need to reduce CO2, to combat global warming, the report says, "paradoxically BEVs may not be the best way to achieve it. A major concern is that the push to pure battery electric vehicles (BEVs) will crowd out a more effective program of mass hybridization." By discontinuing the Chevy... Continue Reading →

It’s Osher Time at UC Riverside

What a line up for this Fall. You name the course, the UCR Osher Program is offering it. From music to the arts, from history to current events, from writing memoirs to embracing your inner self through yoga, you'll probably find it in Riverside or Rancho Mirage. Starting my fourth year as a UCR Instructor,... Continue Reading →

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