Getting Serious About Practitioners in The Classroom–By Stephen G. Harding (January 25, 2019 Issue of PA Times Fifteen Years an Adjunct To be clear, I was not a day-to-day freeway-flying adjunct lecturer searching for the on ramp to the tenure track. That lane was reserved for those freshly minted Ph.D.’s pursuing membership in the academy. I was another kind of adjunct, one wearing the moniker practitioner instructor. It required wearing a... Continue Reading →

American Nations/American Character–Osher Lifelong Learning Institute–University of California, Riverside

Wow--Starting this Wednesday, there are 55 students signed up for my American Nations course and another 22 scheduled for the Friday section of this first of two series.  American Nations—American Character This two part series is primarily based upon the scholarship of Colin Woodard . There will be other sources that will be presented throughout the... Continue Reading →

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