How to Advocate for the Sustainability Culture That You Want in Your Local Community, by Sarah Gerst for Ecco Warrior Princess

"We can continue to make global changes for sustainability in the same way that we, collectively, made the “straw ban” work: we advocate in our own local communities until it swells like a rising tide across the globe."

Government needs to change to deal with populism — Here’s How–Opinion: It’s time for civil servants to give citizens their power back– by Joseph Maltby (for For those of you concerned with our collective civic responsibilities, especially those new and continuing public servants, the above referenced article should be on your reading list.  Here was my response to the author-- Hi Joseph-- Great job!! It is refreshing to know that this perspective exists within the confines of government, especially at... Continue Reading →

Restore Civility to Save America— Cynicism Is Threatening the Stability of Our Country–by Earl Mathers, for the International City/County Management Association, October 2017

"This crisis of incivility has become a chronic condition of public life. Consequently, incivility is compromising the success of American society and especially the viability of the government. We should not, however, assign the blame exclusively to our leaders. As a people, Americans have become highly desensitized to behaviors that would have been outrageous not... Continue Reading →

Civics lessons: Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Neil Gorsuch on promoting education in citizenship–CBS Sunday Morning

  One of my central mantras. Many in the K-12 system and undergraduate programs think they are addressing civics adequately--THEY ARE NOT. Too often the system is geared towards meeting the short-term political needs of state capitols or employing teachers that are more interested in espousing their own political beliefs rather than providing the learning... Continue Reading →

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